Let me start with my favorite Sanskrit quote from Hitopadesh.

Vidya-dadati-Vinayam, Vinayat Jati-patratam!

Patartam cha-Danam, cha-Dharam, cha-Sukham!!

The right knowledge (Vidya) leads (dadati) to humility (Vinayam).

Humility (Vinayat) leads to unity (patartam) among different castes (Jati) and creates a casteless society.

When a united and capable casteless society works in unison with each other, it leads to the creation of an abundance of wealth and prosperity (Danam), righteousness (Dharma), and comforts (Sukham) for everyone.

The secret of success lies in the right education, knowledge, enlightenment, empowerment, and impeccable wisdom.

Akhand means flawless, perfect, complete, indivisible, indestructible, inexhaustible, inextinguishable, ultimate, infinite, absolute, integrated, and impeccable. Vidya means knowledge. Akhand Vidya is integrated and impeccable wisdom, knowing which every perfect thing is known.

The prime objective of Akhand Vidya is to bring forth the perfect wisdom of every aspect of the universe, Nature, and the human body so that we, human beings, can make optimum use of human birth, life, body, brain, mind, consciousness, and potentials.

As a result, we can create a perfectly healthy human society and lay a strong foundation for World Peace, the urgent need of the day.

Illiteracy, poverty, and insecurity are the root causes of our problems and sufferings.

Akhand Vidya: The Essence:

The secret of perfect integrated health of the entire human race lies in the right education, humility, dignity of labor, teamwork, sharing of wealth, righteousness, and contentment.

The Foundation of Akhand Vidya:

  1. The first step is to gather the unexplored, irrelevant, and disintegrated raw data and information. This type of data is called Agyan (Avidya) and can be explored later for the right answer.
  2. Then, the irrelevant data and information are effectively filtered to find the relevant philosophy and knowledge called Gyan (Vidya).
  3. Then, the perceived philosophical Gyan is filtered to find the scientific knowledge called Vigyan and is tested with the established Laws of Nature for conclusive evidence.
  4. Then, scientific knowledge (Vigyan) is filtered to find the absolute wisdom called Pragyan (Pravidya), knowing which everything is known.

The Pyramid of Akhand Vidya:

Can you see a beautiful pyramid with ascending order of Agyan (Avidya), Gyan (Vidya), Vigyan, and Pragyan (Pravidya)?

The Brilliant Effulgence of Akhand Vidya:

To find the impeccable wisdom with conclusive scientific evidence, Akhand Vidya recommends three more stages.

  1. Flawless Symbolic Representation.
  2. Conclusive Mathematical Constant.
  3. Regular Practical Application.

Now, let us contemplate the ten stages of Akhand Vidya.

  1. Read:

The first step is to acquire a book. Then, open the book and read at a stretch.

What is the benefit?

We become aware of the central theme or concept of the book.

  1. Re-Read/Study:

In context with the concept of the subject of discussion.


Every language has the following three deficiencies.

  1. Inadequacy of letters: The number of letters in every language is pathetically limited and does not cover every possible independent expression.
  2. Inaccuracy of words: The words have many meanings and do not convey accurate expressions either.
  3. Ambiguity: Unfortunately, words have built-in ambiguity.

As a result, we need to read a book very carefully and in context with the concept.

  1. Master:

No book is complete and exhaustive.

To master a subject, detailed knowledge of the given subject is mandatory.

Hence, refer to every available source of data, information, and knowledge.

  1. Research:

Then, we should critically analyze the detailed knowledge, find the missing links, and fill in the gaps.

Conscientious research is bound to unfold the hidden secrets of Nature.

For Example, my Single Subject Study (Ph. D.) revealed the unique effects of Kundalini Yoga on the electrical activity of the brain for the first time.

I was able to synchronize the electrical activity of the brain and produce an abundance of a predominant and coherent alpha rhythm of 9.43 Hertz throughout the brain with closed eyes and open eyes.

For detailed knowledge, please study my Ph. D. Research Thesis, Physiology of Kundalini Yoga Power Spectrum Analysis of Electroencephalogram, submitted to the University of Madras, Chennai, India, in 2001.

For the latest results (8.0 Hertz), please read Akhand Sutra.

  1. Teach:

After achieving academic excellence with the first four stages of learning, the scholar should teach everyone without the aid of any instrument.


To find the right words of expression is a challenging job.

Please practice until you master the art and science of communication skills and effective teaching.

  1. Write:

It is easier to explain even the most difficult concepts with speech. A speaker gets many chances to clear the doubts of the audience, but the precise and concise writing is not that easy. Unfortunately, there is no such privilege for an author. An author should also learn the art and science of compilation, tabulation, designing, and editing himself. Impeccable writing is invariably an integrated effort of a single person. Akhand Vidyashram is the brainchild of Dr. Shiv Bhushan Sharma. Sometimes, too many cooks can spoil the broth. It is better for one person sitting in the driver’s seat and guiding from the front.

  1. Abstract Writing:

The writing of an abstract of a new concept is a challenging and mandatory job. An enumerate, classified, and scientific short and sweet abstract is an asset and saves time and energy.

  1. Symbolic Design:

The ancient Indian sages are known for the Science of Symbols (Yantra Vidya), and we can learn much more from natural symbols than the words. We should convert written work into a symbolic form as a supporting medium.

Honest Statement:

With the help of Sri Akhand, the symbol, which adorns the central part of the Home Page of Akhand Vidyashram, I can explain every aspect of the perfect and most beautiful objects of the universe and Nature.

For the central theme of Sri Akhand, please read the last few lines.

  1. Mathematical Constant:

The Language of God, Nature, and the Mother of Sciences, is mathematics. Every perfect and most beautiful object of the universe and Nature follows Divyank, the Divine Constant, Divyank Ratio, and Divyank Sequence. Hence, an appropriate mathematic constant is mandatory for scientific evidence and the conclusion of every new scientific concept.

  1. Integration: Way of Life.
  2. Horizontal Expansion: Widening and inclusion of every subject.
  3. Vertical Expansion: Heightening with depth knowledge of the subject of contemplation.
  4. Integration: To find the integrating thread of Nature.

For optimum utilization of the hundred trillion cells of the human body, the hundred billion neuron cells of the nervous system, and the enormous memory of the living human brain, mind, and consciousness, we should learn and master every aspect of the universe, Nature, and the human body.

As a result, we can be free from all the constraints and restraints of daily life.

What is the need for Akhand Vidya?

The prime objective of Akhand Vidyashram is to bring forth the impeccable wisdom, knowing which every perfect object of the universe, Nature, and the human body is known. Now, let us contemplate a few logical questions.

What is the need for Impeccable Wisdom?

The fundamental objective of every living human being is perfect integrated health, prosperity, wisdom, comforts, and eternal blissful long life.

Does anyone deny these achievable objectives of life?


In Reality, we fail to achieve even disease-free healthy life.


There are many reasons, but the main reason is the lack of the right knowledge of the human body. Somehow, we do not find the perfect knowledge of adult human anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry in the available medical books, journals, and the Internet.

As a result, every medical student, research scholar, professional, and patient is confused.

How do we resolve this confusion?

Please study, understand, comprehend, and apply the principles of Divyank, the Divyank Constant, Divyank Ratio, and Divyank Sequence to find the impeccable wisdom of the universe. Nature, and the perfect human body.

Now, let us discuss the symbol, Sri Akhand.


Sri Akhand is a divinely designed and guided symbol.

The symbols are as old as creation, and every perfect object of the universe and Nature is designed and created in a distinct form.

We can learn more from natural symbols than written words.

Honest Admission:

I am only an instrument and not the real concept writer of the Sri Akhand symbol.

I realized the real scientific beauty of different forms of symbols only after making Sri Akhand.

The most common forms of symbols are,

  1. Animate Symbols: With the use of human and animal pictures.
  2. Inanimate Symbols: Pure geometrical symbols.

The central symbol of the Home Page is called Sri Akhand.

A Request:

Kindly observe the symbol, Sri Akhand, carefully, and record your opinion somewhere.

Now, let us comprehend different independent symbols of Sri Akhand.

Let us start at the top of the central symbol.

  1. Highest Lotus: Symbol of Purity, Head, and Neocortex of the Human Brain.
  2. Jewel in the Crown: Sahasrara Chakra and Divyank, the Divine Constant.
  3. Bow and Arrow: Symbol of pin-pointed concentration of mind.
  4. Center of Bow: Pragyan Chakra: Pineal Gland.
  5. Third Eye: Vigyan Chakra: Hypothalamus.
  6. Between Eyebrows: Ajna Chakra: Brainstem and Pituitary Gland.
  7. Trident: Symbol to eliminate negative traits.
  8. Blue Color: Neel Kanth (Blue-Throat) of Lord Shiva.
  9. Central Symbol with 16 Lotus Petals: Visudhi Chakra: Thyroid Gland.
  10. Four Green Lotus Petals: Four Vedas.
  11. Pink Crescent: Moon: Flirting, fleeting, and fluctuating nature of the human mind.
  12. Central Symbol: Heart, Anahata Chakra, and Symbol of Mantra Vidya.
  13. The Central Yellow Symbol: Conch (Shankha): Symbol of Divyank Ratio.
  14. Upper Symbol with Ten Lotus Petals: Manipura Chakra and Pancreas.
  15. Middle Symbol with Ten Lotus Petals: Nabhi Chakra and Adrenal Gland.
  16. Lower Symbol with Six Lotus Petals: Svadhisthana Chakra and Reproductive System.
  17. The Red Symbol: Muladhara Chakra: Symbol of Swastik: Prosperity and Integrated Health.
  18. Brown Colored Symbol with seven layers: Earth and Padmasana posture.
  19. Can you see a standing Cobra in the lower part of the symbol?

Please turn the symbol to the left by ninety degrees.

  1. AUM*: Can you see the three parts of the AUM* symbol in the middle?
  2. Central White: Aditya (the Sun-God) and Pure Consciousness.
  3. Can you see a Fish (Matsya) in place of the Cobra?

The Divine Message:

I am sure that you are surprised.

Please use the symbol, Sri Akhand, to be in tune with Divine Nature and be enlightened.

I am sure that you will find a new message emerging from Sri Akhand every day.

The Conclusion:

The Ten Foundation Pillars of Akhand Vidyashram.

  1. Akhand Vidya:

The ten stages of Akhand Vidya.

  1. Yantra Vidya:

Sri Akhand is an integrated and all-inclusive core symbol of Nature.

  1. Tantra Vidya: There are ten centers of consciousness (chakras) in the human body and not seven.
  2. Mantra Vidya: The Genesis of Akhand Gayatri Mantra.
  3. Akhand Yoga: The ten stages of Akhand Yoga.
  4. Divyank: The Ultimate Mathematical Design of Nature.

The perfect and most beautiful objects of the universe and Nature follow Divyank, the Divine Constant, and Divyank Ratio.

  1. The Scientific Evalution of Akhand Yoga:

With the help of Power Spectrum Analysis of Electroencephalogram.

  1. Trait Para Vidya:

The new all-inclusive Philosophy of Life.

  1. Perfect Medical Science:

The perfect adult human anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry.

  1. Akhand Sutra:

The Integrating Thread of Nature.