The Need and Genesis of Divyank, the Divine Constant:

From my profile, you would have realized that nothing worthwhile happens without a self-need-based cause and a superconscious effort.

Now, let us raise a few questions and find the right answers.

What is the need for Divyank?

In 2009, after getting a promotion as Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, Chettinad Hospital and Research Institute, Chennai, India, I was entrusted with the responsibility of the mentorship of fifteen first-year M.B.B.S. students. It was a golden opportunity to teach young students every aspect (theory, practice, and application) of the foundation subjects of adult human anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry.

In my opinion, adult human anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry are an integrated subject and not three separate subjects. After all, all the hundred trillion cells of the human body have to work in unison with each other. Hence, an integrated approach is mandatory. Somehow, we are not following an integrated method of teaching in medical colleges. As a result, we are producing technician-doctors and not great clinicians, who can give final diagnose without investigations. What an irony?

For the prevention of the most common ailments, we need to know the perfect adult human anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry. After all, prevention is better than cure. Only healthy human beings can lay a strong foundation for a healthy human society and World Peace.

Hence, I decided to teach the integrated knowledge of these three subjects to my mentees. As a result, my four students got distinctions in physiology, a rare honor. Unfortunately, one student missed distinction by two marks. All fifteen students are doing very well and are grateful.

I am glad that we created a record and proved that integration is essential for good medical education, research, and profession. Unfortunately, I never got another opportunity to teach medical students in an integrated fashion.

Meantime, I realized that in the name of evidence-based medicine, we are no more teaching perfect adult human anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry, and different medical books are giving different values to avoid copyright problems.

As a result, every medical student, teacher, and research scholar is highly confused.

New Golden Opportunity:

In 2011, I joined the Chettinad Academy of Research and Education, Chennai, and designed the detailed syllabus and regulation for M. Sc. Health and Yoga program. It was a golden opportunity to learn, master, research, and teach the ancient Indian sciences of Yoga, Tantra, and Ayurveda in the light of modern sciences. The course came as a blessing in disguise.

During the two-year course, I realized that the original Sanskrit documents are full of scientific evidence. Unfortunately, the available literature and books have not done justice to the original concept writers.

A New Resolution:

In 2013, I decided to find the ultimate Divine Design of Nature, knowing which everything in the universe, Nature, and the human body is known. It was a self-imposed challenge but worth the effort.

Now, let us contemplate on the following facts.

  1. Tat-Tvam-Asi: An important quoted verse from Vedas:

Unfortunately, every author translates Tat-Tvam-Asi as I am that.

Honestly, I could not digest the pathetic translation.

The Voice of Silence:

According to my Antaratma, Tat means that (Nature-God-Source). Tvam means every object of Nature. Asi means identical.

The Hidden Divine Message:

Every perfect object of Nature is identical.

Hence, there should be a consistent mathematical design or a constant.

  1. Eko-Ham-Bahusayam: We (Ham) are One (Eko) and we shall manifest (Sayam) as many (Bahu).
  2. Aham-Brahmasmi: I (Aham-Human Being) am like (Asmi) Brahma (Creator-God).

The Conclusion:

These verses from the Vedas and Upanishads imply that there should be a divine constant.

Now, let us research and find the ultimate divine design of Nature in the light of modern literature and sciences.

Review of Literature: The Perfect Divine Designs:

Let us start with the Fibonacci sequence.

The Fibonacci sequence: 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89-144 and so forth.

The third number is the addition of the preceding two numbers.

Ancient Indian Origin: Pingala and Virabanka.

An ancient Indian mathematician Pingala perceived the sequence (misrau cha) in 450 BC. Misrau cha means that the two numbers are mixed.

Virabanka (700 AD) called the sequence as variations of two earlier meters.

Leonardo of Pisa (Fibonacci) proved the sequence with the help of an idealized rabbit population in his book, Liber Abaci, in 1202 AD.

Interestingly, he credited the sequence to mathematicians of Indian origin.

The Essence:

The Fibonacci sequence is the Indian sequence.

The Limited Application:

We primarily see the sequence in selected plants, branches of trees, the arrangement of leaves, flowers, fruits of pineapple, pinecone, seeds, the family tree of honeybees, birds, animals, and a few parts of the human anatomy.

Somehow, we do not see the sequence in every perfect object of Nature.

A Hidden Divine Message:

The Golden Ratio: Between Tenth (55) and Eleventh (89) sequence.

89/55 = 1.618181818.

Now, let me share a dialogue with Antaratma (Voice of Silence).

The Voice of Silence:

Critically analyze the well-known and accepted Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio (Phi): 1.618033988749895.

Intuitive Questions and Intuitive Answers:

The Golden Ratio is called Divine Proportions.

The Divine Nature is perfect.

Are the never-ending infinite numbers of digits of the Golden Ratio perfect?


The universe may be infinite, but every perfect object of the universe and Nature is finite.

Hence, there should be limited numbers of digits of the Divine Golden Ratio.

Now, let us contemplate further.

The Golden Ratio is a set of two ratios.

Is it, 1:1.618033988749895, the perfect Divine Golden Ratio?



The integers of the well-known Golden Ratio are not consistent.

Hence, what is the perfect and most approximate decimal value of the Divine Golden Ratio?

The Voice of Silence:

Divyank Ratio (The Divine Golden Ratio): 1:1.618034.

It is equal to 38.1966% and 61.8034%.

What is so unique?

38.1966 + 61.8034 = 100.00

The square of 61.8034 is equal to 3819.66025156, almost a hundred times the value of 38.1966%.

0.025156 is insignificant and can be ignored.

Is this precision seen in any other ratio?

No Way!

The Conclusion:

1:1.618034 is the perfect and most approximate decimal value of the Divine Golden Ratio and Divyank Ratio.

It is being revealed for the first time.

Michael Mestilinus had talked of the inverse value of -61.8034 long back.

Unfortunately, it was not taken to a conclusive level and proven with conclusive scientific evidence.

A New Higher Dimension:

The Genesis of Divyank, the Divine Constant.

The Voice of Silence:

How are the perfect objects of the universe and Nature developed?

The Biological Sciences:

According to biological sciences, the stages of development of perfect objects of Nature are,

  1. The first stage of creation.
  2. The second stage of development.
  3. The third stage of maturation.

The Ancient Indian Spiritual Science:

According to the Vedas, Upanishads, and ancient Indian wisdom,

  1. Lord Brahma represents the first stage of creation and is equal to 22/21.
  2. The ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu represent ten stages of development.
  3. Lord Shiva represents the third stage of maturation, five elements (Panch-Bhutas), and is equal 0.34419.

The Sum:

Divyank: ((22/21)10.34419)=1.618034.

The Confirmation:

Divyank, the Divine Constant, was confirmed with the help of IBM SPSS version 21.

Now, let us contemplate Divyank, the Divine Constant.

The Scientific Proof and Evidence: The Study of Human Cells

According to medical sciences, under the compound microscope, we see the following three parts of the cell.

  1. Cell Membrane.
  2. Cytoplasm.
  3. Nucleus.

Under the electron microscope, we see the following parts,

  1. Cell Membrane: It consists of seven independent parts.
  2. Cytoplasm: It has seven organelles.
  3. Nucleus: Seven parts.

The Sum: There are 21 parts in a normal healthy human cell.

  1. The First Stage of Creation:

The Voice of Silence:

During the first stage of creation, one part of the cell becomes double.

As a result, there will be 22 parts in the cell at the time of creation.

Which part of the cell is responsible for multiplication?

Please contemplate.

It is a centriole and not a nucleus.

Are you surprised?

Almost everyone talks of the nucleus and not centriole?

Unfortunately, we are not enlightening the world with impeccable wisdom.

The prime objective of Akhand Vidyashram is impeccable wisdom.

Be conscientious, enjoy, and share the unfolding of impeccable wisdom.

Please educate, enlighten, and empower us with the right knowledge of the first stage of creation.

Unfolding of Divine Truth:

Let us start another dialogue.

Are the red blood cells living cells?

The red blood cells are specialized cells to carry vital oxygen gas from the atmosphere to the hundred trillion cells of the human body.

The red blood cells are not living cells as they cannot multiply.

Another Example:

The neuron cells have a nucleus but cannot multiply.


The neuron cells do not have a centriole.

Hence, it is centriole, and not the nucleus, the deciding factor of the first stage of creation.


The Conclusion:

The first stage of creation is equal to 22/21.

Now, let us contemplate the second stage of development.

  1. The Second Stage of Development:

The Voice of Silence:

Every perfect object of Nature follows ten stages or dimensions only.

The eleventh stage or dimension is the conclusive stage of maturation,

The Scientific Proof and Evidence:

  1. Spiral Galaxy: There are ten Suns or bright objects in the Spiral Galaxy.
  2. Solar System: There are ten planets of our Solar system.
  3. Human Anatomy: Ten endocrine glands, ten autonomic ganglia, and ten Rexed Laminae of the spinal cord. Interestingly, the human brain has ten lobes and not eight. Somehow, the insular cortex, which controls the involuntary autonomic nervous system, has not been given due importance. It is an irony.

The prime objective of Akhand Vidyashram is to rectify the anomalies.

  1. Human Physiology: There are ten stages of development and growth.
  2. Human Biochemistry: Every perfect metabolic cycle of the human body follows the uniform Rule of Ten.
  3. The Third Stage of Maturation:

The Voice of Silence:

Modern science is ignorant of the precise value of the third stage of maturation.

According to ancient Indian wisdom, Lord Shiva represents the third stage of maturation and five elements of Nature (Panch-Bhutas).

Hence, there should be five digits of the last stage of maturation.

Since Lord Shiva is Lord of Dissolution and Regeneration, the five digits should add up to number 21 (parts of the cell).

The precise value of the third stage of maturation is equal to 0.34419.

Interestingly, the five digits (0.34419) are equal to 21.

The Conclusion:

Let us decode the ancient Indian Spiritual Science and be enlightened.

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